Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why, yes, I do like color. Why do you ask?

Oh, yes, I see. Of course. Well, no, not all of my projects are in quiet neutrals. I know both the current knitting and spinning projects are gray or beige or brown, but that's not on principle.

Here, I'll show you a recent finished object, so you can see for yourself. Yes, it's a pair of the famous Jaywalkers from Grumperina. When I saw so many people talking about making these, I had to give them a whirl myself. Now, I'd call that color lively.
Maybe even unruly to the point of if-you-don't-sit-down- and-behave-yourselves- right-this-minute- I'm-going-to-have-to- turn-this-car-around.
There. That's better.

The yarn is a cotton and wool blend from Knitpicks, with nylon and a touch of elastic. It's called Dancing. So I guess that makes these dancing jaywalkers. Now, there's a fun image to picture!

Here's a closer look.
Anyway, with the cotton, it should be good for springtime socks. Summer's for sandals, cotton or no cotton.

And, honestly, who wears these colors in the fall?

The feel of the yarn did take a little getting used to. I think the elastic is in there to try to give it a bit more wool-like resiliency, but it still felt pretty much like knitting with cotton. And I don't know if that little bit of elastic makes any real difference in keeping your socks up! But the colors are cute, if you're in the mood for something cheerful and perky. It's a discontinued yarn; it looks like they're down to just a couple of colors.

I actually thought the short, bright color runs worked pretty well in the Jaywalker pattern. I'll be looking for other sock patterns that will show it off, since I think I have a couple more of the colorways squirreled away in the stash.... Otherwise, who knows, there may be more Jaywalkers in my future!

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