Thursday, January 31, 2008

Airport Knitting

I've just gotten back from another short over-nighter. This time, I went well-armed. Well-armed, of course, means having not just a couple of absorbing books but also a good portable knitting project.

What I had underway in the way of candidate knitting projects were the Pine Bark sweater, another project with large pieces, and a small one with little pieces that would be over too soon. None of these was particularly portable. But after the last trip -- caught in a five-hour flight delay with nothing to knit! -- I wasn't going anywhere project-less. Party? Dentist? Gotta have a project. Grocery store? Gotta... (well, no; just kidding.) But, especially, airport? Gotta have a project!

Well, naturally, I had to cast one on. Anyone would.

I packed it in my handy GoKnit bag. And how I love that little bag. It's compact, but big enough for a ball of yarn and small project, and, with its snap tab, it can hook onto my belt, purse strap, or what-have-you. When I don't feel like having things dangling off me, it's small enough to tuck inside my purse. I realize I must sound like an ad, but it pleases me with its usefulness and its bright silly color, and it has gotten more than its share of use.

Of course, having a knitting project, I was proof against airline delays. This time no delays were forthcoming. That's not a bad thing, of course; I can't complain about it, but think of all the potential knitting time missed! I clambered aboard the plane, folded myself into my middle seat -- not having made travel plans far enough ahead to nab one of the hotly contested aisle seats -- tucked my elbows tightly against my sides and contentedly alternated reading and knitting from "ensure that all your belongings are stowed" right on through to "remain in your seats until we arrive at the gate."

I looked around at the people nearby. By the end of the flight, they had stiff backs, popping ears, and grumpy dispositions. Would it be wrong to pity them? For I had all these things and a precious inch or two of lacy little sock cuff!

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Bess said...

What a pretty bit of lacy sock cuff! I have never minded waiting - it's like someone gave you some free time. Free knitting time!