Monday, January 7, 2008

Galloping to the Rescue

Reinforcements have arrived. We're saved!

Now I can take care of December's unfinished business, before I get all caught up in rhapsodizing about January's projects. My brother's Knots and Rings socks, poor things, had been lying here for a week or two, toeless, begging for some coordinating yarn that would let me finish them off by adding contrast toes. They were looking really handsome in their Socks That Rock Lagoon colorway, but so sad, truncated of their toes.

Actually, when it comes down to it, it may be more than just contrast toes that they need. I came up more than just a little short of yarn. It may wind up being something more like contrast demi-feet!

Beyond my natural aversion to leaving anybody in quite that state, they were a Christmas present, to boot. So I've been anxious to get them done.

And there, on the right, it's new contrasting yarn to the rescue. Bless you, U.S. Postal Service! And I must say, the Blue Moon Fiber Arts people were quite snappy about filling the order, too.

Oh, what's that on the left, you ask? Well, never you mind. A girl's allowed to have a little treat now and then. :)

Anyway, the new yarn is Socks That Rock Lightweight in Haida, one of a new group of Blue Moon Fiber Arts colorways that they call the Raven Clan. A Google search to satisfy my idle curiosity yielded the information that the Haida are a Northwest Indian tribe centered in British Columbia. In their mythology, the Raven's exploits included creating the earth. A Haida legend recounted here tells how the crafty Raven brought the universe its light. So this name has layers of resonance.

Each of Blue Moon's Raven Clan colorways is made up of various colors drenched in overdyed black. Haida is based on a palette of blues. It will be interesting to see it in the morning's light. In the weak indoor light of a winter's evening, it's hard to see any blue at all; it looks like black with some hand-dyed tonal variation. Even now, though, I can see that the barely perceptible shifts give the color a little more life than a flat solid dark color has.

But either way, visibly blue or not, I think it's going to work out just fine!

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Mary said...

That's exactly the color I imagined for the toes, so, great choice!

(See -- anyone who agrees with me is making a great choice -- isn't that how it should be?) ;-)