Friday, February 29, 2008

Don't Panic

Truer words were never spoken. Unless they were, "never assume." Or maybe even, "it's really just not that important." More to the point, er, cancel that cri de coeur, please.

World's-most-patient-husband, on the phone last night, reassured me, saying of my missing skein of yarn, "I think it will turn up." But this morning I awoke early, still fretful, racking my brain about anywhere in the house I might not have looked, worrying about finding matching dye lots, thinking about yarn-conserving sweater styles, wondering if I should drive over and retrace my steps again in the daylight. What if I had overlooked it there in the parking lot, lonely, bedraggled, maybe even run over once or twice? I wandered over yet again to where my yarn is kept, looking mournfully at the six remaining skeins in the bag. At the six remaining skeins... six....

Hey, wait a minute. Hadn't I said that the back of the sweater took three full skeins? Didn't I have the first sleeve in progress? Using skein number... four? Four. But I was sure I had grabbed an extra skein and tossed it in the knitting bag! I could have sworn I had. I remembered tossing it in. Didn't I? The evidence was staring me in the face. I guess I had only thought of tossing an extra skein in the knitting bag and hadn't actually done it. Never assume.

Oh waiter, can I have that egg on my face cooked sunny side up, please?

So I'm sheepish, but relieved. The Comfy Winter [Mock]Turtleneck is saved! And having thought I had lost them, I now love both the yarn and the sweater more than ever. And I had hours of cheap entertainment last evening. At least I didn't go so far as to try to file a missing skein report with the police.

All I can say is, what a kerfuffle!


Torhild Reidardatter said...

oh, dear... did you find it yet?
I was thinking the same thing as you.. should we really tag our yarns.. so much more work though, bur very usefull..
OH, I know! we could get little stickes with our name, adreas, phone etc..on it and quickly tag the skeins..
I hope you manage through the destress and can finnish you turtleneck.

Torhild Reidardatter said...

Oh, I see now that you have all your 10 skeins.. but I go through the same thing sometimes. I just wonder were I put my head ? will loose it