Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Strolling and Woolgathering

I couldn't resist just a few more glimpses of the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival before saying goodbye for another year. So here's a little photo album.

The Spinner's Hill booth, in the Main Barn, with gorgeous- colored batts of spinning fiber and dyed locks -- though not as many as the day before!

These lustrous dyed locks are from another vendor in the Main Barn, Triple "R" Farm.

Just a couple of guys taking their alpacas for an afternoon walk. What's so unusual about that?

The stall where I found this cutie bore a ribbon that said "Champion Ewe." I'm not sure if that's for a particular breed or an overall award like Best in Show. But she gets extra points in my book for the hairdo alone.

This booth was full of nothing but Icelandic wool. There were whole fleeces in the bushel baskets. I coveted them, but I'm not ready to take on another fleece just yet.

There were plenty of interesting books to be had. This one came from the Yarn Barn of Kansas.

Mid-afternoon seemed to be a drowsy time in the sheep barns. I love the rich plummy brown color of this guy's coat.

This young man was playing beautiful music with his hands, while operating a pedal with his feet that made the puppets dance.

Some charming family togetherness from the little lambikins.

Here's to another wonderful festival, and many happy returns!

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Bess said...

Oh - I too, am having a hard time saying goodbye to last weekend. Wasn't it just the most fun!?

Loved that puppet theater.