Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Love is Love

The Crossed Laces tank top I knitted in Colinette's Pharaoh colorway, in the Wigwam cotton tape yarn, is a really nice top. I don't regret knitting it; I'm actually quite fond of it. The colors are attractive, it goes with everything, it fits nicely, I wear it with jeans or to work. I get compliments. People think it's nice. It's worthy. It does its homework, gets to bed on time and rises early. It eats right, doesn't get into trouble, and says sir and ma'am to its elders.

But in the Toscana colorway, it's love.

Who can say why that green shot through with raspberry, citron, here and there a stray streak of lavender should so tug at my heart? What does it have that the Pharaoh's blues and greens and reds and golds don't have? My undying devotion, that's what. You can't say why. Love is just love.

Yes, even after knitting the top in another colorway, I had to have Toscana. I ordered it. I awaited it with frustrated longing. I groaned with impatience when the e-mail arrived saying it was back-ordered. I counted the days, each day thinking, it could come today.

And on Saturday, finally, it did. I admired it, going back over and over again, between my daily activities, just to gaze upon it. With Stormwatch properly finished, its buttons done up, its husky warmth appreciated, a gusty sigh of relief heaved over the happy outcome of a troubled roving, I could wait no longer.

I cast on for another Crossed Laces tank top. Toscana, you're mine.

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