Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things I Wish I Didn't Know

(Or Hadn't Found Out)

This pretty snowfall will soon be covered with sleet.

Not all wool is superwash.

Tea stains worse than coffee does.

The paper that books are printed on is very absorbent.

Pants that aren't yet hemmed will trip you.

Complex late-night knitting has poor odds of being mistake-free.

Carpets do a good job of cleaning the bottoms of shoes.

Dribbled toothpaste is hard to wipe off the front of a sweater.

The neckband of my Kid Hollow Mock Neck sweater is going to have to be redone.

Oh, well.


Bess said...


Yep. Important things - glad to know them, but sorry to have to learn them.

Hope you got some snow play in.

Anonymous said...

Ah, absorbent books. Ever dropped one in the tub?

cathy said...

Ha-ha! Well, some splashes for sure, but not a complete dunk! That must have been something. Think I'll stick to magazines for bathtub reading from now on (and not ones with knitting patterns, either. :)

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Funny and I'm sorry about your sweater having to be redone. Also, who would have thunk that tea stains worse than coffee !!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about the neckline - I'll give you that unravelling mohair is very hard - but - surely you will have reknit it in a flash? And think how satisfied you will be afterwards.
I seem to have to redo necks fairly often - the most enterprising was on the great guernsey project, as it involved "recutting" the neck, but it worked out great (http://www.work4idlehands.co.uk/knitalong/archives/2008/05/whitby_gansey_revamped_collar.html). More recently I have to alter George's Christmas cardigan as I have knitted the band too long - the back neck needs to be pulled in more.
So - take heart.

cathy said...

Twocables, thanks. The tea/coffee thing is just my impression; I wouldn't take it as authoritative. :)

Christina, I'm sorry you're having to redo part of the cardigan, but it is good to know I'm not the only one redoing necklines. And thanks for the moral support!