Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Everyone's Patience Has Limits

World's-most-patient-husband pointed out a video to me this morning. Before he let me see it, though, he was careful to say, "You can't do this." Well, for goodness' sake, there was no need for that, was there? Really, I'm sure I wouldn't have been tempted. But it doesn't hurt to be safe. You just never know, do you? And even world's-most-patient-husband has his limits. :)

With no further ado, the link to a CNN video: Pet sheep lives with UK family. You can't imagine how cozy a full-grown ram can be until you've seen him lay his little chin adoringly on a family member's lap!

[I don't know how long CNN keeps these videos on-line, so I apologize if the link is broken by the time you try it.]


Robin said...

OH! I think I need a sheep! My boys have grown and gone - have plenty of room!

Unknown said...

There are probably slightly smaller ones available. He looked very clean. They didn't mention if he was "trained".

Amazing how that few miles of Delaware 95 can last so long sometimes. And they're practically charging $1 a mile now.