Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympic Medal Count

I watched the Olympic closing ceremonies this weekend, enjoying the festivities, and just a bit regretful. A final celebration amazing in its scale, precision, and fireworks. The events are done, and I too must put aside my Olympic garb. Two weeks of incredible achievements, athletes striving and besting world record after world record, truly living up to the Olympic motto, Citius, Altius, Fortius. And closer to home: Woolly, Woollier, Woolliest! It was two weeks of wonderful entertainment to knit by.

I didn't enro
ll in any of the on-line knitting Olympics events, though. (Set a personal challenge! Knit an entire garment from start to finish during the course of the Olympics! Try something really hard!) Having just made a push through three weeks of Tour de Fleece spinning, I wasn't quite ready to sign up for another sporting proposition requiring a firm daily commitment. I imagine that athletes, too, who have been in training gearing up for one big event must sometimes need a little time afterward to rest and regroup before heading into the next. So I did plenty of knitting, sure, but kept it casual and indulged completely according to the whim of the moment.

I did cut loose and do
a little yarn shopping, however. I'd been holding back for quite a while. I have plenty of yarn on hand as it is, of course, and my spinning hobby, pleasing as it is, produces yet more. But sometimes it's just fun to nab some nice new things. So my personal medals are not of bronze, silver, and gold, but of cotton, silk, and wool.

But at least it was mostly sock yarn, so I fell for only one skein of each, instead of sweater-bound skeins by the dozen. And here are some of my new trophies. :)

Trekking XXL

Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome in Spanish Moss

Cherry Tree Hill/Lou√ęt Gems in Northern Lights

Colinette Jitterbug in Kingfisher

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Misty Moor.

Well, really, how could I have been expected to resist? Nobody could.

Now, with the 2008 Olympics now in the history books, what am I going to do for televised spectacle, I wonder.... On to politics and confetti, perhaps. :)

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